Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire: Danny Green, Ed Davis, more

by Justin "Fensty" Fensterman on April 21, 2012 @ 10:09:15 PDT


When a title is up for grabs, you should do whatever it takes to achieve greatness and win.

As the NBA season goes on though, more teams become less competitive the further they put themselves out of playoff reach. It is hard to believe that a team, who is clearly out of the playoffs, would not have the NBA Draft Lottery in mind. For those teams, it is a time to play the players who did not get as many opportunities earlier in the season. For fantasy basketball players, this is where you have to dig deep and find these players.

Danny Green should be on your fantasy basketball team

Rather than looking at their stats for the overall season, check out their stats over the last week or two because that is a better indicator of how well a player has been doing. For those in the finals, good luck and here are so impact players that can still be found possibly on your waiver wire.

Danny Green, Guard-Forward, San Antonio Spurs - For those who have been reading my waiver wire report every week, you would see that I have been suggesting picking up Kawhi Leonard. Green also splits time with Leonard and has been hot as of late.

Owned in 20 percent of leagues polled, the durable Green has scored nearly 11 points and over a steal per game over the last two weeks. Green has been shooting over 45 percent from the floor, does not turn the ball over and has been playing at least 24 minutes a game over the last few weeks. With the Spurs already in the playoffs, they will be resting up their veterans and letting the younger guys play. Green to me, is a must get, even if you own Leonard.

Greivis Vazquez, Guard, New Orleans Hornets - With the Hornets out of playoff contention, this is a time for them to see what they are looking at for their future; especially because they will be under new ownership. Vazquez is proving his worth by scoring over 13 points per game over the last two weeks, but the more important stat is that he is averaging over seven assists per game during that time period.

How is a player who is averaging that many assists per game owned in just 42 percent of leagues polled? This makes absolutely no sense to me. As the season has progressed, so has Vazquez's playing time. In the last month, he has been playing 30 to 35 minutes per game while earlier in the season he was playing 20 to 25 minutes per game. He even averages a steal per game which always helps, too.

Spencer Hawes, Center, Philadelphia 76ers - Since coming back from injury, the 76ers might be sinking, but Hawes is back to his old ways of grabbing many rebounds without playing too many minutes. Hawes has been averaging over nine points and seven rebounds per game over the last month. However, Hawes has been averaging less than 25 minutes per game over that stretch. He is owned in just 44 percent of leagues polled and even contributes in a way in which a true center should and has averaged 1.5 blocks per game over the last month.

Markieff Morris, Power Forward, Phoenix Suns - Morris has had a very yo-yo type of season. He started off hot, cooled off, and now as he is owned in just eight percent of leagues polled. The important part here is Morris seems to be getting his groove back late in the season.

In the last two weeks, he has scored 12 points and grabbed over five rebounds per game. For those who look for their forwards to rebound, Morris might not be averaging as many. However, over the last two weeks, he has been shooting over 52 percent from the floor. He even has contributed a block per game over the last few weeks while playing under 25 minutes per game. Morris has made his playing time count during this stretch and you should grab him while he is still heating up.

Ed Davis, Forward-Center, Toronto Raptors - For those that need more help than Markieff Morris can provide, Davis has been averaging over 8.5 rebounds per game over the last two weeks. He, like Morris, has been shooting over 52 percent from the floor and grabbing a block per game over that stretch. Over the last few weeks, he has averaged over seven points per game and is owned in 35 percent of leagues polled.

The major difference between Davis and Morris is that Davis also qualifies at center. If you are looking for more of a scorer, go with Morris, but for rebounds, I trust Davis more. Plus Davis' position eligibility, especially in the final few weeks of the season, means a lot more to your team.

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