Fantasy Basketball and NBA Free Agents: Jason Terry, Ryan Anderson, Brandon Roy

by Justin "Fensty" Fensterman on July 21, 2012 @ 23:11:13 PDT


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In fantasy basketball, even though the player's statistics are what will ultimately lead you to a fantasy championship, the player's situation on his team is just as important.

If a player who put up phenomenal stats last season is traded or signs with another team during the offseason, it certainly does not guarantee the player will have similar success. While the offseason is still in its early stages, more recognizable names will be playing in new uniforms next season.

Jason Terry joins Boston Celtics

We touched on a few players last week, and our NBA free agent and fantasy basketball ramifications series continues. Here are a few more of those recognizable NBA players who will be playing in different places:

Jason Terry, Boston Celtics

With Ray Allen heading to Miami, Terry's role should not change too much. He was a sixth man for the Dallas Mavericks for years and, with the standout year Avery Bradley had prior to getting injured, it would make no sense for the Celtics to change Terry's role by starting him at shooting guard.

Last year he scored over 15 points per game while shooting 43 percent from the floor and I do not see that changing if he sticks as the sixth man in Boston. He played over 31 minutes per game last season and I don't see his playing time decreasing because this team still has a lot of veterans. Doc Rivers will need to use his bench and Terry will be the first option off it.

One of the major positives of owning Terry is that he will continue to be both point and shooting guard eligible, filling more roster spots on your team. Don't reach for him in the fourth or fifth round unless you absolutely need a guard. If he is still out there by the seventh, he would be a great fit especially because of the combo-guard eligibility factor.

Ryan Anderson, New Orleans Hornets

The 2012 NBA Most Improved Player is now one of the front men of the new-look, younger Hornets. Last season, Anderson led the NBA in three-pointers made, improved his scoring to 16 points per game, which is six points higher than his 2011 campaign. He also improved his rebounding average to over seven per game.

My main concern with Anderson is how he will be utilized in New Orleans. Anderson and Anthony Davis, who was the first overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, play the same position, meaning that one of the two will either be in the starting lineup playing out of position or coming off the bench, which could possibly cause a decrease in minutes.

The way for New Orleans to combat this is to start Anderson at small forward and Davis at power forward, but at this point it is too early to tell how the Hornets will organize the lineup. Based off last season, I can see someone reaching on Anderson in as early as the fourth or fifth round; and I agree with that if he gets the nod as the team's starting small forward. If you hear by the time your draft begins that he will be coming off of the bench, he is not worth the reach.

Brandon Roy, Minnesota Timberwolves

Two years ago Roy was taken in the second round of fantasy basketball drafts and two years later, I do not even want to take him in the 13th round. As much as I want to believe that Roy can make a successful comeback, I am not comfortable committing to him thinking he will score over 20 points a game this season. He has terrible knees and there was a reason he retired at 27 years old.

The Timberwolves are younger, quicker and they have a ton of depth at shooting guard and small forward. Do not think you are being sly by scrolling down the player pool list and drafting Roy in the 10th round because of who he was two years ago. If Nicolas Batum joins the team, it will make it even harder for Roy to secure minutes. Roy is the ultimate hit or miss for this season. He will need to show that he can still be the "Silent Assassin" as he was in Portland to secure a place in the rotation; otherwise he will not be able to keep run with Ricky Rubio's pace. Don't be a hero; wait to look at Roy as the draft is winding down.

As more players change teams, I will continue to help you strategize as we get ready for the 2012-13 fantasy basketball season. It is never too early to prepare for next season. Start now and gain more success later.

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