Fancy fantasy football: Roy Helu, Alfred Morris, Austin Collie

      September 6, 2012 @ 16:15:47 PDT

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Oh Coach, don't say a word, 'cause I already heard, what kinda plaaan's on your miiiiind.
I'm tired of your moods, I got the wrong dude ... on the piii...iiine.
Shan - a - han will ride the hot ... hand.
He wants a runner who won't get eeevery touch.
He wants somebody who will split some time,
Not bitch and moan about who else will rush.
He wants somebody who will understand
When it comes to backs he'll ride the hot ... hand.

The Washington Redskins list Evan Royster as the starter, but that means nothing. Roy Helu and Alfred Morris will have their chances.

In fact, this troika may represent the most talent that Mike Shanahan has ever assembled in one of his broken backfields, since that forever-ago era when he could ride Terrell Davis to the point of headaches and nausea.

I'm not saying that it's the prettiest fantasy situation. I'm saying that one of these rushers could clearly emerge as someone you could predict to see the rock every week, even if it's only seven or 10 times.

In past Shanny seasons, that was asking too much. Royster has earned some favor from junior and senior, but Helu and Morris are more explosive than the Penn State product. It'd be a lot more fun to ride one of the latter two and see what happens.

Will it be difficult, if not impossible, to guesstimate the number of touches your Hogs hauler will get in any particular week? Probably. Do Helu and Morris have the kind of ability that allows them to stand out, avoid mistakes and warrant some love on offense? Definitely.

Don't go groaning as loudly as you used to.


If Austin Collie doesn't receive clearance to play in NFL games, a few other receivers will become fantasy-relevant in a hurry. And Collie's status for Week 1, not to mention beyond, is still up in the air, after he gave fantasy owners reason for optimism to open the week.

Receivers of no love on draft day: Donnie Avery and rookies LaVon Brazill and T.Y. Hilton. Yes, Avery is still alive, and he may not be a bad fantasy pickup if the Indianapolis Colts are going to continue to use him on underneath stuff, like they did in their third preseason game.

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