Fantasy Basketball - The Beast Report: End-of-Season Wrap-Up

by Justin "Fensty" Fensterman on April 16, 2013 @ 17:39:23 PDT


The 2013 fantasy basketball season has concluded and this season brought with it a lot of fantasy impact. I hope you learned that you must look at the statistics more in-depth. Think of season-long statistics as your base and then divide them further. If you need help in one category, a high number in a single category can stand out for a lesser-known player. That is how you win your fantasy basketball league.

Boston Celtics PG Rajon Rondo
Don't hold injury against Rondo

We learned this year that there are NBA teams that do in fact know how to be conservative when it comes to dealing with injuries to top players. Derrick Rose and Andrew Bynum were stashed on fantasy basketball team benches all over the place because they were dealing with potential season-long knee injuries.

In one league, I thought I was being smart by taking Rose in the 10th round. In a keeper league, I thought it would be smart to trade for Bynum and keep him for next year. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. For me it was a lose-lose situation. Ricky Rubio is a good example of a player who was able to overcome his knee injury as the season progressed.

You cannot blame Kevin Love, Danny Granger and Rajon Rondo for their injuries. If you drafted Love or Granger, you had more than enough time to fill that gap. As for Rondo owners, if losing him completely killed your assists total, you did not prepare. You need at least two point guards who can contribute assists and whom you can bank on.

You must also not forget about players coming back from a 2011-12 season-long injury. Jeff Green made a big splash returning this year. He helped fantasy owners in just about every category. Al Horford came back this season and regained his spot as a top 15-fantasy basketball option. Stephen Curry looked like he was set for another injury-ridden season but his ankle began to cooperate and he was able to perform like an arguably top-five fantasy player.

This season also showed that you cannot forget about those older veterans. Players drafted in the 1990s are still relevant in 2013. Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan were arguably top-10 fantasy options this season. Once Dirk Nowitzki got going, he was able to prove that he is still a valuable fantasy option. Kevin Garnett and Shawn Marion are relevant too.

Looking at the rookies of the league, Anthony Davis was everything as advertised (when healthy), but Damian Lillard was the standout of this draft class.

James Harden and Paul George went from rising fantasy stars in 2011-12 to full-fledged top fantasy threats in 2012-13. Speaking of threats, at the guard-forward positions, Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard were two from the same team who were reliable night in and night out. Of the bigger guys, Larry Sanders and Nikola Vucevic dominated the boards, especially the offensive glass. Sanders was the second-week waiver wire pick up who never dropped off.

You cannot forget about the disappointing players of 2012-13: Gerald Wallace, Andre Iguodala, Marcus Thornton, Kris Humphries, Michael Beasley and Chris Kaman. Do not lose sight of these guys as they can have great draft value next season.

This season, as every season does, has shown that you need a balanced team to win a fantasy basketball championship. Do not draft a guy simply because he scores a ton of points. Grab those players who can help you in multiple categories. When drafting, make sure you have a good rebounder and assist contributor. The scoring will be easier to find later. Finally, always be looking on your waiver wire, even if you are in first place. This is a season-long battle, and you have to be fully committed, because that is the only way you win a fantasy basketball championship.

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