Fantasy baseball players welcome back Grady Sizemore ... maybe

      January 24, 2014 @ 14:19:54 PDT

For all the quality films out now, Hollywood for the most part has gone retro with all their remakes, plot recycling ... and just plain old terrible decisions. The Boston Red Sox are hoping their own latest rehash doesn't flop.

New Boston Red Sox OF Grady Sizemore
Time to size up Sizemore again

Not that it matters, for the price. Despite his far fall, for veteran fantasy players, the name Grady Sizemore re-ignites memories of elite numbers. From 2005-2008, he was in the first-round picture with 20-20 steadiness and 30-30 potential. Then, of course, came the injuries: elbow, knee, back, hangnail....

The last time he showed fantasy flashes was 2011. On the bright side, the off-field breather his medical leave has offered might have helped a player that succeeded at a young age, only to flame out because his body betrayed him.

Now 31, Sizemore isn't guaranteed a roster spot despite his major-league contract. His spring performance will determine his standing. Jackie Bradley likely heads into spring in the lead. He's the CF of the future, but the plate flaws he displayed last year may hold him back from even scraping his best skills. If Boston doesn't find an external alternative, or MLB space for Scott Cousins or maybe a farmhand like Bryce Brentz, this could give a rejuvenated Sizemore, a month or two to hold down the job.

If Sizemore were to play a full season, you shouldn't expect more than a .260 BA with a best-case scenario of 30 combined homers and stolen bases (more realistically 20). And of course, stolen bases likely will be harder to come by with all the lower-body maladies he's suffered.

The faint possibility of him recalling his past remains enough to warrant a OF4 or 5 bid ( a few dollars, max) in an AL-only auction, and a post-draft, watch-list entry in deeper mixed leagues.

If he has a sound spring -- notice all the "ifs" in this blog -- expect whispers of having a Roy Hobbs revival epic to tempt you to go the extra buck. Still, he has a better chance of being struck by lightning.

Sadly, given his history, we can't dismiss that possibility.

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