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Fantasy Baseball: One weekend left to own your draft!

By KFFL Staff


FantasyPros.com makes a fantastic product, Draft Wizard, which is one of the best tools available to fantasy baseball players. You'd be foolish to not give it a whirl! KFFL.com viewers are encouraged to test it for free, and if you really like what you see, head over to FantasyPros.com through this page to upgrade to the premium version for more features than you can swing a bat at.

What is the Draft Wizard?

The Draft Wizard is a suite of tools that make it dead simple to prepare for and nail your fantasy baseball drafts. Its modern and easy-to-use interface will make paper cheat sheets and overly complicated draft software a thing of the past. It's about time, right?

The Wizard lets you import rankings from any website or spreadsheet, create consensus rankings from any combination of experts, and customize the cheat sheets with easy drag-and-drop and one-click tiering. You'll be able to practice drafting through our Draft Simulator and instantly analyze your performance with our Draft Analyzer. Finally, you can use your cheat sheets live during your drafts with our Draft Assistant. We even Sync with some draft sites so taken players are automatically crossed off your cheat sheet. Yep, stress-free drafting!


The easiest way to prepare for your draft.
Fast. No waiting for opponents to pick.
Fun. Draft against the top fantasy experts.
Free. You don't even have to register.
Fantasy Baseball Mock Drafts powered by FantasyPros

How can it help me win my league?

We all know how important the draft is in fantasy baseball; getting out of the gate with a strong team sets you up for success within the season. The formula for winning your draft is no secret too. You need to have an accurate cheat sheet, accurate pick predictions for your opponents, and accurate decision-making during the draft (despite the pressure of "the clock"). The Wizard helps with all three of these needs...

Accurate Cheat Sheet

FantasyPros has tracked the accuracy of fantasy experts. We've learned that some experts consistently outperform others and that "consensus rankings" tend to be very accurate. You can try some consensus variations like combining the experts you personally trust or combining your favorite sites. In all cases, we also recognize that you may be able to enhance the rankings (and beat the experts!), so we allow you to easily edit the cheat sheets to perfect them.

Accurate Pick Predictions

Although you may have a good idea of the players you want to target during the draft, knowing when to draft these players is very difficult. Our Simulator helps guide you by predicting what your opponents will do. And we don't just assume everyone will be drafting based on ADP. Instead, we leverage numerous expert cheat sheets to match the variety of drafters you're likely to face. We then use these rankings, in conjunction with in-draft pick logic based on team needs and position scarcity, to accurately predict which player each team will select.

Accurate Decision-making

No matter how much you prepare for your draft, sometimes the pressure of the clock will cause you to take players you regret the minute you click on "draft him." The stress level is exacerbated when you're fumbling through paper cheat sheets or dealing with complicated draft software. Our Wizard simplifies everything. We narrow down your choices (based on your cheat sheets, your team needs, and predicted opponent picks), and give you a simple comparison of the players based on our consensus expert advice. We also leverage our award-winning Zeile Consensus Projections to help you identify top available players and to isolate the strengths/weakness of your team. And since our Draft Assistant looks and acts exactly like our Draft Simulator, you'll be completely familiar with the interface during your draft.

How much does it cost?

We offer Basic (Free) & PRO versions of the Draft Wizard. An overview of PRO features and pricing is available here.

Basic Users (Free)

  • Run mock draft simulations (redraft leagues)
  • Create cheat sheets in the Cheat Sheet Creator
  • Get projected standings for mock drafts

Pro Users

  • Live draft assistance, including option to sync with Yahoo/CBS/RTSports leagues*
  • Support for keeper leagues and custom draft orders
  • In-draft analysis of strengths/weaknesses by category
  • Pick by pick suggestions including top available players by stat category
  • Mock Drafts against ADP sources, experts or both
  • Mock draft imports & analysis from Yahoo and ESPN
  • Custom cheat sheets with tiers, notes & sleepers
  • Post-draft projected standings along with strengths/weaknesses breakdown

*Note: Live Synching is an optional $4.95 add-on for each league service (Yahoo, CBS, etc). A Manual Draft Assistant is included in the standard PRO package.

For more information, visit FantasyPros.com's FAQ page.


Must-use tools from FantasyPros!


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