Fantasy Football Tools offers a wide variety of free fantasy football tools to help your fantasy football team all season long.

Average Draft Position

Wondering where players are being selected on average in fantasy football drafts? Average Draft Position - often referred to as ADP in fantasy football circles - lets you know where players are being drafted on average. This is a powerful tool to let you know if others are taking your fantasy football sleeper earlier than you had thought you could, and also lets you quickly see which players may be over- or under-valued on draft day.

Depth Charts

Do you need to know who the next player is in line for playing time? Wondering what the pecking order is at every position on every NFL team?'s free NFL Depth Charts are updated year round to let you see how each team shapes up at each position.

Draft Pick Trade Analyzer

Considering making a trade of draft picks in your fantasy football draft?'s Draft Pick Trade Analyzer lets you know if you're getting the better end of the deal, or if your potential trading mate is ready to make you the butt of many jokes for years to come.

Fantasy Football Player Rankings's free fantasy football rankings and fantasy football cheat sheets do the work for you before your fantasy football draft. We rank them in a tier format to let you know which players are the best options to have on your fantasy football team each season.

My Hot off the Wire's Hot off the Wire NFL news keeps you up-to-date on everything you need to know going on in the NFL news and rumors world, but sometimes it is nice to just stay on top of the players on your fantasy football team. Using's My Hot off the Wire, you can track just the players you choose. Since this feature is customized to your needs, it requires you to set up a free user account. Bang your mouse here and get started!

NFL Player Targets

Opportunity can lead to success in fantasy football.'s fantasy football player targets show you which players are seeing the most opportunities each week.

NFL Statistics Analyzer

NFL Statistics and trends can be difficult to spot on a weekly basis, but's NFL Statistics Analyzer helps you break down the numbers and see how a player is doing over a specific set of weeks. It also provides NFL Statistics on how much - or little - production defenses are allowing to specific offensive skill positions on a weekly basis.

Player Trade Analyzer

Looking to make a trade in your fantasy football league?'s player trade analyzer lets you know if the move you're trying to pull off is a good move or if it's one you should walk away from. Sometimes the best move to make is no move at all, and our fantasy football trade analyzer helps you determine if that is the case. This feature is available and updated from August through December each year.

Weather Reports

Mother Nature can play a role in whether or not your fantasy football players are going to succeed any given Sunday, too.'s weather reports let you know what the weather outlook is for each NFL city.