Fantasy Football University

How to Play and Basics of Fantasy Football

Welcome to KFFL's Fantasy Football University.

It does not matter if you are a fantasy football rookie looking to learn how to play fantasy football for the first time or a seasoned veteran of the game. These reports provide you with thoughts from experienced, savvy fantasy players on how to prepare for the game as well as making your fantasy football draft day more enjoyable. Along the way, there are also key fantasy football strategy pieces on what direction you should take on draft day to start your fantasy football season on the right foot.

Fantasy Football 101

How to Play Fantasy Football
This report is the staple for any rookie fantasy football player. What is fantasy football? How do teams receive points from players? If you have not played the game before or are still wet behind the ears, this report is for you!

A Fantasy Football League for Every Taste
Everyone has different taste in food, music and ... fantasy sports. Find out which league will fit your fancy before diving into the pool.

Fantasy Football Scoring Format Breakdowns
Knowing your league's scoring system is critical to success. Find out the different types of scoring systems you need to be aware of....

Loyalty in Fantasy Football? Bah, Humbug!
A typical problem for newbie fantasy football players is targeting players of teams they cheer for. Find out why there is no loyalty when it comes to your favorite team and your fantasy football roster....

Fantasy Football Strategy

When to Draft a Place Kicker and Defensive Team in Fantasy Football Leagues
Are place kickers and defensive teams a crap shoot or should you be looking to secure one early in your fantasy football draft?

Knowing Your Fellow Fantasy Football Owner - the Enemy
Just because those in your league may be lifelong friends does not mean you need to like them on the imaginary fantasy football field. Knowing their tendencies can help you dominate. Find out how....

Trades in Fantasy Football: When and Why?
Trading can be a critical part to your fantasy football season if you make the right move at the right time. Find out the nuances behind putting together successful trades....

Auction Fantasy Football Leagues

Introduction to Fantasy Football Auction Leagues
What is an auction when it comes to fantasy football? Why should you consider playing in one?

Fantasy Football Auction League Strategy
All leagues have different types of strategies to utilize, and auction fantasy football leagues are no different. What are the tricks to auction leagues? Find out here!

Keeper/Dynasty Fantasy Football Leagues

What is a Fantasy Football Keeper League and Why Play?
What are keeper and dynasty leagues when it comes to fantasy football? What should be on your mind in such a league format?

Building and Managing a Keeper Team in Fantasy Football
How should you approach a draft when you are looking for short- and long-term success? This report focuses on what you need to know when approaching a keeper fantasy football draft as well as managing it along the way....

Fantasy Football Commissioner Assistance

Dealing with Fantasy Football Owners that Quit
There is always one sore loser in the group who takes his ball and goes home when he doesn't get his way. What options do you have in such situations?