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Since 1993, one of the largest aspects in altering the way an NFL team's roster can be bolstered or hindered is the free agent period.

During this time frame each year, NFL players have the ability to move around the league with ease, at times, and team loyalty is no longer a factor like it was years ago as high-profile players and role-players alike have the chance to pick and choose from which team they want to sign with if the dollars are to their liking.

Current Free Agent Information

» 2013 Free Agent Chart
Free agent charts to show you who's available on the open market and which players have already been signed. Free agent charts can be broken down by position and team.

» Free Agency Information - Hot off the Wire
Looking for the latest information on which team is looking at which free agent players? Wondering which players are interested in playing for which teams or how negotiations are going between free agents and their current team? KFFL's Hot off the Wire keeps track of all of the latest information you are looking for. Through this customized version of Hot off the Wire, you have direct access to information that is specific to the NFL Free Agency period.

Future Year Free Agent Information

Interested in finding out which players are in the final year of their contract? Which players could be moving onto another team next year or up for a potential contract extension before their contract expires? KFFL's future-year free agent coverage keeps you in the know on when contracts are set to expire. Also, keep in mind some players may have clauses in their contract and be able to opt out of future years of their current contract. Should this happen, they will be added to the list at that time.

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