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Orioles | May pursue Torii Hunter

Sat, 22 Nov 2014 07:32:37 -0800

Free-agent OF Torii Hunter (Tigers) may be an option for the Baltimore Orioles depending on where the other outfielders in free agency sign.

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Orioles | Alex Hassan claimed

Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:48:50 -0800

The Baltimore Orioles claimed OF Alex Hassan off waivers from the Oakland Athletics Thursday, Nov. 20.

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Orioles | Terry Doyle signs

Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:00:46 -0800

The Baltimore Orioles signed free-agent P Terry Doyle (Red Sox) to a minor league deal Thursday, Nov. 20.

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Orioles | Chris Jones re-signs

Wed, 19 Nov 2014 10:03:59 -0800

The Baltimore Orioles re-signed RP Chris Jones to a minor league deal Wednesday, Nov. 19.

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Orioles | Michael Almanzar re-signs

Wed, 19 Nov 2014 10:03:34 -0800

The Baltimore Orioles re-signed 3B Michael Almanzar to a minor league deal Wednesday, Nov. 19.

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Orioles | Oliver Drake re-signs

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 14:00:40 -0800

The Baltimore Orioles re-signed P Oliver Drake to a major league contract Tuesday, Nov. 18.

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Orioles | Nick Markakis contract talks slow

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 12:16:27 -0800

Baltimore Orioles OF Nick Markakis has had talks for a new deal inch along in recent days. The team is working on re-signing DH Nelson Cruz and does have interest in OF Yasmani Tomas.

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Orioles | Ubaldo Jimenez draws interest

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 12:13:25 -0800

Baltimore Orioles SP Ubaldo Jimenez has drawn moderate interest from unspecified clubs. Jimenez has $83.75 million remaining on his contract.

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Orioles | Willing to move Bud Norris?

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 12:08:42 -0800

Baltimore Orioles SP Bud Norris may be on the trading block, as the team appears willing to move him. Norris projects to an $8.7 million salary in arbitration and is a free agent following 2015.

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Orioles | Chris Davis likely to receive tender

Sat, 15 Nov 2014 07:26:27 -0800

Baltimore Orioles 1B Chris Davis is expected to receive a tender offer from the team this offseason.

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Orioles | Make offer to A.J. Burnett

Thu, 13 Nov 2014 08:57:34 -0800

Free-agent SP A.J. Burnett (Phillies) has received an offer from the Baltimore Orioles, but nothing is close at this time.

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Orioles | Working on deal with Nick Markakis

Thu, 13 Nov 2014 08:13:02 -0800

Free-agent OF Nick Markakis (Orioles) is in negotiations with the Baltimore Orioles, and there appears to be serious progress in the talks. There is optimism that the two sides can agree to a four-year deal.

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Orioles | Positive update for Matt Wieters

Wed, 12 Nov 2014 20:46:54 -0800

Baltimore Orioles C Matt Wieters (elbow) had his elbow examined Wednesday, Nov. 12, by renowned Dr. James Andrews and he said the examination went well. "He said everything looked good and to keep progressing," Wieters said.

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Orioles | Manny Machado taking grounders

Wed, 12 Nov 2014 20:46:07 -0800

Baltimore Orioles C Manny Machado (knee) was taking grounders at the team's spring training facility in Sarasota, Fla., and manager Buck Showalter said Wednesday, Nov. 12, that Machado was moving around.

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Orioles | Dylan Bundy to start 2015 in minors

Wed, 12 Nov 2014 12:36:11 -0800

Baltimore Orioles SP Dylan Bundy will start the 2015 season in the minor leagues, because he is still coming back from Tommy John surgery, according to executive vice president Dan Duquette.

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Baltimore Orioles Player News

Abreu Miguel OF
Abreu Winston RP
Adair Travis SS
Adams David 3B
Additon Nick RP
Aguilar Andres OF
Alderson Tim RP
Aldridge Cory OF
Almanzar Michael 3B
Alvarez Dariel OF
Amador Chris OF
Anderson Craig SP
Anderson Dixon P
Andrews Robert OF
Andujar Ricardo 3B
Baker Aaron 1B
Banks Josh P
Barfield Josh 2B
Bascom Timothy P
Bass Bryan INF
Beal Jesse P
Beaulac Eric P
Beerer Scott OF
Beltran Francis RP
Bermudez Ronald OF
Bernardo Luis C
Berry Quintin OF
Berry Ryan P
Berry Tim RP
Bierbrodt Nick SP
Black Dustin C
Bmardic Ryan P
Bock Brian C
Bond Brock 2B
Bordes Brett P
Boucher Sebastian OF
Boudon Chad OF
Bowers Jason INF
Brach Brad RP
Britton Phillip C
Britton Zach RP
Brocato Russell P
Brown Travis SS
Bukvich Ryan RP
Bumbry Steve OF
Bundy Bobby SP
Bundy Dylan SP
Burch Jason P
Bywater Matthew P
Casilla Alexi 2B
Castillo Fabio RP
Cates Jr. Gary 2B
Chen Wei-Yin SP
Chiang Chih-Hsien OF
Choi Eun Chul P
Clendenin Morgan C
Clevenger Steve C
Conklin Andrew P
Costello Mike 1B
Crancer Wally INF
Crespo Cesar INF
Crozier Eric 1B
Cruz Lee OF
Cubillan Darwin P
Dahlberg Kyle C
Daigle Leo 1B
Davis Chris 1B
Davison Todd SS
De Aza Alejandro OF
De Jesus Ivan INF
De La Cruz Kelvin RP
de San Miguel Allan C
Deza Fredy P
Diaz Carlos 1B
Diaz Rafael INF
Diaz Victor OF
Dillon Zach C
Dixon Zachary P
Doi Yoshihiro RP
Donachie Adam C
Doyle Terry P
Drake Oliver P
Duncan Jacob OF
Egan Patrick P
Esposito Jason 3B
Fahey Brandon SS
Fatse Peter INF
Figueroa Paco INF
Finch Brian P
Flagello Cliff P
Flaherty Ryan 2B
Fleisher Mark 1B
Ford Lew OF
Fossum Casey RP
Freitas David C
Furrow Justin P
Gabino Armando SP
Gallaway Michael P
Gamboa Eddie P
Garcia Mike RP
Garrison Steve P
Gausman Kevin SP
George Chris SP
Givens Mychal P
Gleason Sean P
Gonzalez Miguel SP
Grendell Kevin P
Gurka Jason RP
Hamblet Reid P
Hannaman Ryan P
Hardy J.J. SS
Harris Cory OF
Harvey Hunter P
Hassan Alex OF
Hobgood Matt P
Horner Mark P
Horton Josh 3B
Houser James SP
Houston Matthew OF
Hubele Ryan C
Huggins Mike 1B
Hummel Richard OF
Hunter Tommy RP
Huntzinger Brock RP
Iorg Cale SS
Jimenez Ubaldo SP
Johnson Caleb C
Johnson Josh N. C
Johnson Kelly 3B
Johnson Steven RP
Johnson Tripper 3B
Jones Adam OF
Jones Chris RP
Joseph Caleb C
Kang Kyeong OF
Keefer Ryan P
Kester Tim P
Klein Dan P
Kline Branden P
Krynzel Dave OF
Laffey Aaron RP
Lamb Chris P
Lambert Chris SP
Lemonis Chris INF
Levinski Don P
Leyva Lazaro P
Lin Yi-hsiang P
Loman Seth 1B
Lombardozzi Steve 2B
Lonsberry Daniel OF
Lopez Luis OF
Lough David OF
Machado Manny 3B
Marin Adrian 2B
Marrero Chris 1B
Marsters Brandon C
Martinez J.P. P
Matusz Brian RP
McCoy Pat RP
McCurdy Joshua OF
McCurdy Nick P
McFarland T.J. SP
Meek Evan RP
Mena Kelvin C
Mertins Kyle P
Meyer Dan RP
Mitchell Andy P
Molina Izzy C
Moore Jeffrey P
Moreau Nathan SP
Moriarty Mike 3B
Morillo Juan P
Morris Cory P
Musselwhite Stuart SS
Navarro Yamaico INF
Nery Nathan P
Noel Luis P
Norris Bud SP
Novak Jan P
O'Day Darren RP
Ohlman Michael C
Osentowski Christopher P
Owen William OF
Pardo Luis P
Paredes Jimmy OF
Parker Brian P
Parra Freuny C
Pearce Steve OF
Peguero Francisco OF
Perrault Josh P
Petrini Chris P
Pettit Chris OF
Pierce Michael C
Pomeranz Stuart P
Price Matt X. P
Pulley Matt 3B
Quinowski David P
Ramirez Luis SP
Ramirez Ramon RP
Ramirez Victor P
Recchia Mike P
Renshaw Jacob P
Reyes Jomar 3B
Ripken Ryan 1B
Riske David RP
Rivero Raul P
Rodriguez Ryan P
Romero Niuman 2B
Salberg Chris P
Sanchez Julio P
Santana Johan SP
Sarfate Dennis RP
Saunders Joe SP
Savastano Scott 1B
Schoop Jonathan 2B
Schoop Sharlon INF
Scott Tanner P
Sedlacek Shawn P
Sing Brandon 1B
Sisco Chance C
Smith C.J. OF
Smith Tim OF
Spencer Sean P
Stadanlick Ryan P
Steinbach Ryan SS
Swann Pedro OF
Tanaka Ryohei P
Tillman Chris SP
Tolliver Ashur P
Tracey Sean P
Tracy Chad S. 3B
Tucker Jonathan INF
Urrutia Henry OF
Vahalik Jim C
Vasquez Anthony SP
Veloz Hector 3B
Wager Brady P
Walker Christian 1B
Walters David P
Ward Brian C
Wareham Landon 2B
Wass Wade C
Webb Ryan RP
Weems Chase C
Wieters Matt C
Wirsch Aaron P
Worrell Mark RP
Wright Mike SP
Wrigley Henry 1B
Wyrick Dennis 3B
Yan Ruddy OF
Yastrzemski Mike OF
Yoon Suk-min SP
Young Delmon OF
Zrenda Ryan INF

Allenson Gary TO
Castro Bill TO
Chiti Dom TO
Conner Mark PC
Crowley Terry TO
Diaz Einar TO
Dickerson Bobby TO
Duquette Dan GM
Graham Brian TO
Kirby Wayne TO
Peterson Rick TO
Presley Jim TO
Russell John TO
Showalter Buck MAN
Wallace Dave PC

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