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Oakland Athletics news, rumors and injuries
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Athletics | Coco Crisp banged up

Wed, 23 Apr 2014 07:08:53 -0700

Oakland Athletics OF Coco Crisp (ribs) had X-rays on his sore ribs after falling hard on them Monday, April 21. The X-rays were negative.

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Athletics | Eric O'Flaherty progressing

Wed, 23 Apr 2014 07:05:34 -0700

Oakland Athletics RP Eric O'Flaherty (elbow) threw all his pitches at full distance in a bullpen session Tuesday, April 22.

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Athletics | Luke Gregerson blows another save

Wed, 23 Apr 2014 07:01:24 -0700

Oakland Athletics RP Luke Gregerson blew his third save Tuesday, April 22.

Fantasy Tip: This could be the nail in the coffin for Gregerson. Could the team go back to Jim Johnson or shift towards Ryan Cook? Stay tuned.

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Athletics | Jake Elmore close to rehab assignment

Mon, 21 Apr 2014 16:30:29 -0700

Oakland Athletics 2B Jake Elmore (quadriceps) is close to starting a rehab assignment.

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Athletics | Yoenis Cespedes resting

Mon, 21 Apr 2014 13:34:26 -0700

Oakland Athletics OF Yoenis Cespedes (heel) is out of the lineup to rest his bruised heel Monday, April 21.

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Athletics | Andy Parrino claimed

Mon, 21 Apr 2014 11:29:10 -0700

The Oakland Athletics claimed 2B Andy Parrino off waivers from the Texas Rangers Monday, April 21, and optioned him to Triple-A Sacramento.

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Athletics | Jesse Chavez makes history

Mon, 21 Apr 2014 05:37:41 -0700

Oakland Athletics SP Jesse Chavez became the first pitcher in franchise history to be on the opening-day roster and allow one earned run or less in six innings during each of his first four starts. He picked up his first win of the season over the Houston Astros Sunday, April 20.

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Athletics | Yoenis Cespedes leaves game

Sun, 20 Apr 2014 18:40:40 -0700

Oakland Athletics OF Yoenis Cespedes (heel) left the game early Sunday, April 20, because of a bruised right heel.

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Athletics | Eric O'Flaherty throws bullpen

Sat, 19 Apr 2014 18:30:18 -0700

Oakland Athletics RP Eric O'Flaherty (elbow) threw a bullpen session in front of manager Bob Melvin and pitching coach Curt Young Saturday, April 19. He might progress to facing live hitters by the team the club returns from its next road trip.

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Athletics | A.J. Griffin has not resumed throwing

Sat, 19 Apr 2014 12:01:42 -0700

Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin is uncertain when SP A.J. Griffin (elbow) will begin a throwing program.

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Athletics | To continue using closer-by-committee approach

Sat, 19 Apr 2014 11:24:59 -0700

Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin confirmed that the team will continue to use a closer-by-committee approach for save situations for the foreseeable future.

Fantasy Tip: If you're desperate for saves, RPs Luke Gregerson and Sean Doolittle appear to be the best bets to close games for the A's.

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Athletics | Coco Crisp back in lineup

Fri, 18 Apr 2014 13:58:34 -0700

Oakland Athletics OF Coco Crisp (hamstring) is returning to the starting lineup Friday, April 18.

Fantasy Tip: Insert Crisp back into your lineups, as well.

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Athletics | Agree to extension with Sean Doolittle

Fri, 18 Apr 2014 13:23:23 -0700

The Oakland Athletics agreed to a five-year contract extension with RP Sean Doolittle Friday, April 18, that runs through the 2018 season and includes team options for 2019 and 2020. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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Athletics | Alberto Callaspo improving defensively

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:02:58 -0700

Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin was hitting INF Alberto Callaspo balls at first base and Melvin said Callaspo is getting better at the position. Callaspo just needs to learn a few of the intricacies of the position, like bunt plays and cutoffs, but he is reportedly improving.

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Athletics | Unclear when Jim Johnson will close

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:02:35 -0700

Oakland Athletics RP Jim Johnson has been making progress since being bumped from the closer's role. He worked an inning in a tie game, got a lot of groundballs, which was a good indication for his sinkerball. And when he missed the zone, he missed down, which is also seen as a big improvement. However, it's uncertain if and when Johnson will re-gain his closer's role.

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Oakland Athletics Player News

Abad Fernando RP
Adames Joselito P
Alcantara Raul SP
Appert Luke 2B
Avila Andres P
Barfield Jeremy OF
Barham Trey P
Barone Daniel P
Barrone Ben C
Barton Daric 1B
Bell Kristian P
Best Tyler C
Bieker Jeff OF
Blasi Nick OF
Bowen Rob C
Boyd Chad OF
Bradley David P
Brown Andrew A. RP
Brown Dusty C
Brown Jeremy C
Bryant Steven P
Bunch Kevin P
Burns Billy OF
Buschmann Matt P
Byrd Darren P
Callahan Shawn C
Callaspo Alberto 2B
Cammack Eric P
Carpenter Drew RP
Carter Steven-Ryder P
Castillo David P
Cespedes Yoenis OF
Chacon Shawn SP
Chavez Jesse SP
Cobb Larry OF
Coleman Dusty INF
Collins Bryan P
Cook Ryan RP
Corder Gordon 1B
Cornejo Eddie SS
Coughlin Cameron OF
Crisp Coco OF
Currin Patrick P
Day Dewon RP
Deal Scott P
DeHoyos Gabe RP
Dewing Branden P
DiNardo Lenny SP
Dixon Rashun OF
Donaldson Josh 3B
Doolittle Ryan P
Doolittle Sean RP
Dowling Greg 1B
Dull Ryan P
Duran Omar P
Elmore Jake 2B
Everidge Tommy 1B
Fahner Evan P
Fairbanks Scott P
Faison Vince OF
Farrell Sean OF
Fernandez Jason P
Fisher Carlos RP
Fitts Matthews P
Flores Jose P
Ford Ryan P
Forsythe Blake C
France Ryan P
Franco T.J. P
Frankoff Seth P
Frash Justin 3B
Freiman Nate 1B
Gailey Frank P
Garcia Angel P
Garcia Jose P
Gentry Craig OF
Giese Dan P
Goebbert Jacob OF
Gomez Francis SS
Gomez Rosalio P
Gonzalez Junior P
Gordon Derrick P
Gray Sonny SP
Gregerson Luke RP
Griffin A.J. SP
Halama John RP
Hall Kris P
Hamblin Dan 1B
Haviland Shawn P
Head Miles 3B
Heether Adam 3B
Herrera John P
Heuser James P
Hill Steven C
Hodson Scott P
Hoehn Connor P
Hooker Deryk P
House Tyreace OF
Hudson Herbert OF
Humber Philip SP
Hunter Brett P
Hurley Zachary OF
Ingold Ben SS
Ingram Brian SS
Jackson Steve C
Jaso John C
Jennings Jason RP
Jensen Chris P
Jernigan Kevin 2B
Johnson Adam RP
Johnson Jim RP
Johnson Toddrick OF
Jones Ryan OF
Juma Alexis P
Kay Josh P
Kazmir Scott SP
Keough Shane SS
Kerfoot Charles P
Kilby Brad P
Kleen Steve 1B
Klug Michael 2B
Kohn Shawn P
Komine Shane P
Lacasse Jess P
Ladendorf Tyler SS
Lee Chad P
Leon Arnold SP
LeVier Mitchell C
Leyja Nino SS
Lindblom Josh SP
Lowrie Jed SS
Lyman Jeffrey P
Lynch Matt P
Macias Lorenzo OF
Madsen Michael P
Marte Jefry 3B
Marti Yadel P
Martinez Hiram SS
Martinez Jose INF
Martinez Shawn P
Martinez Wilman INF
Massaro Michael OF
Matthes Kent OF
Maxwell Bruce C
McAuliffe Jarod P
McBeth Marcus RP
McBryde Jeremy P
McGirr Mike P
McKinney Billy OF
Mendez Ramiro OF
Mendonca Tommy 3B
Milone Tommy SP
Mitchell Michael P
Morgan Josh P
Moss Brandon 1B
Mota David P
Muncy Max 1B
Munoz Yairo SS
Nakajima Hiroyuki SS
Napoleon Michael C
Newby Joe P
Newby Kyler RP
Nieve Fernando RP
Nolasco Alex P
Norris Derek C
Nunez Renato 3B
O'Flaherty Eric RP
Oakes Earl P
Olsen Kevin RP
Olson Matt X. 1B
Omura Isaac 2B
Ortiz Jonathan P
Ortiz Ryan C
Oseguera Paul P
Otero Dan RP
Pan Chih-Fang SS
Paramore Petey C
Parker Jarrod SP
Parraz Zeke SS
Parrino Andy 2B
Penalo Rodolfo SS
Peralta Eyffer P
Perez Darwin INF
Peterson Max P
Peterson Shane OF
Pinder Chris 3B
Piper-Jordan Andre OF
Pomeranz Drew SP
Pratt Haas 1B
Pruitt James OF
Punto Nick 2B
Quine John P
Rail Tim P
Ramirez Anvioris P
Ramirez Dionicio C
Ramirez Edwar RP
Ramos Mario SP
Rapp Randy P
Ray Matt SS
Rea Anthony P
Reddick Josh OF
Reynolds Grant P
Richard Michael SS
Richmond Jamie P
Rivera Julio C
Robnett Richie OF
Rodriguez Fernando RP
Rodriguez Raymond OF
Rogers Michael P
Rogowski Casey INF
Rojas Jose P
Ruiz Ryan SS
Russell Addison SS
Rutherford Rodney 3B
Saberhagen Drew 1B
Sanchez Jesus P. P
Santos Alex P
Savery Joe RP
Sayegh Jose OF
Schlichting Travis P
Scribner Evan RP
Sellier Brian OF
Sewell Lance P
Shafer David RP
Sharpe Steve P
Sheridan Eric P
Shibilo Andy P
Shields Trey P
Shull James P
Simmons James SP
Smalley Kenny P
Smith Bobby INF
Smith Jacob C
Smith Jordon C
Snyder Brian 3B
Sogard Eric 2B
Solano Wilfredo INF
Sosa Alfred OF
Sosa Wilfrido SS
Spanos Vasili 3B
Straily Dan SP
Street Juston P
Streich Seth P
Sulentic Matt OF
Sullivan Brad P
Suniaga Elihoref P
Taylor Michael OF
Thigpen Curtis C
Thomas David X. OF
Thompson Derek P
Tichota Clay P
Tietje Chalon OF
Timmons Wes 3B
Urlaub Jeff P
Valdez Merkin RP
Vaughan Beau P
Viola Pedro RP
Vitters Christian SS
Vogt Stephen C
Vollmuth B.A. INF
Walden Marcus RP
Walton Kent OF
Watson Matt OF
Wells Jeremy 2B
Wentzell Dan OF
Werner Andrew SP
West Jareck OF
Whitney Matt INF
Windsor Jason SP
Wing Ryan P
Ynoa Michael SP
Zambotti Anthony P

Beane Billy GM
Bush Darren TO
Crowley Michael TO
Davis Chili TO
Forst David TO
Gallego Mike TO
Garner Phil TO
Hale Chip TO
Melvin Bob MAN
Waller Tye TO
Young Curt PC

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