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NFL | Vincent Jackson retired

Fri, 18 May 2018 13:06:49 -0700

Free-agent WR Vincent Jackson (Buccaneers) is retired from professional football, according to one of his representatives.

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NFL | Wes Welker not retired yet

Sat, 23 Jul 2016 06:57:07 -0700

Free-agent WR Wes Welker (Rams) said he is not retired at this point but is not sure what his next step will be.

Fantasy Tip: Welker has dealt with concussions during his career, so it probably will be hard for him to find a team willing to sign him. Even if he signs with a team, he would not have much fantasy value.

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NFL | Jason Campbell still retired

Thu, 12 May 2016 13:39:47 -0700

Updating a previous report, retired QB Jason Campbell (Bengals) is still retired from the NFL, according to's Dan Graziano. The Twitter account that tweeted Campbell wants to play again was a fake account.

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NFL | Daniel Graham has retired

Sun, 18 Aug 2013 15:31:12 -0700

Free-agent TE Daniel Graham (Saints) has decided to retire from professional football.

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NFL | Todd McClure retired

Wed, 13 Mar 2013 08:43:40 -0700

Free-agent C Todd McClure (Falcons) has announced his retirement.

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NFL | LaDainian Tomlinson pretty much retired

Mon, 07 May 2012 05:30:15 -0700

Free-agent RB LaDainian Tomlinson (Jets) said he is 95 percent retired and that it will take the right situation for him to play again.

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NFL | Brett Favre to stay retired

Wed, 07 Dec 2011 05:41:40 -0800

Free-agent QB Brett Favre (Vikings) said he is enjoying retirement and has no plans of returning to the NFL. Favre also denied there have been any talks with teams about ending retirement. "I haven't contacted nor have been contacted by any teams and all reports are inaccurate," Favre said.

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NFL | Randy Moss staying retired

Fri, 16 Sep 2011 06:51:10 -0700

Retired NFL WR Randy Moss said Thursday, Sept. 15, while playing golf in the Foxboro area that he will not return to the league to play for the New England Patriots or any team. "No, I'm done," Moss said. "I'm just here golfing, minding my business."

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NFL | Retired players to be covered in new CBA

Mon, 18 Jul 2011 13:54:50 -0700

The NFL and NFL trade association have agreed to give retired players nearly $1 billion dollars in additional benefits over the 10 years in the new collective bargaining agreement they are working on completing.

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NFL | Lockout isn't why Mike Vrabel retired

Tue, 12 Jul 2011 23:46:45 -0700

Former Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel said Tuesday, July 12, that his decision to retire and join the Ohio State coaching staff as linebackers coach wasn't due to the lockout. "I thought in January when we lost to the (Baltimore Ravens) that I had played my last down in the NFL," Vrabel said. "Whether the league resumed in March, I don't know if I would have felt any better or any worse, but I'm comfortable with this decision."

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NFL | Family says Brett Favre retired

Mon, 11 Jul 2011 07:11:18 -0700

Retrired QB Brett Favre's mother and brother said that Favre will remain retired. "I would say there's less than a 1 percent chance," Scott Favre, Favre's brother, said. "He is retired." Bonita Favre, Brett's mother, added, "I would hope he would not do it. He is crazy if he does."

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NFL | Trent Green to stay retired

Thu, 27 May 2010 09:52:10 -0700

Retired QB Trent Green said during a radio interview that he did talk with the Chicago Bears but is not considering returning to the NFL for any team, according to's Michael C. Wright.

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NFL | Favre confirms he will stay retired

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 14:35:00 -0700

Updating previous reports, Rich Eisen, of the NFL Network, reports free-agent QB Brett Favre (Jets) has confirmed via text message that he will stay retired.

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NFL | Favre to stay retired

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 14:00:38 -0700

Chip Scoggins, of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress told the Star Tribune's Judd Zulgad that he talked to free-agent QB Brett Favre (Jets) and was informed that Favre will stay retired.

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NFL | Family may be reason Mason retired

Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:48:36 -0700

Jamison Hensley, of The Baltimore Sun, reports retired WR Derrick Mason's (Ravens) decision to retire may have been motivated by a family situation, according to a team source.

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Killings Cedric DL
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King Shaun QB
King Vick RB
Kingsbury Kliff QB
Kirschke Travis DL
Klein Collin QB
Kleine Wally DL
Kleinsasser Jim TE
Klingler David QB
Knighton Terrance DL
Knox Johnny WR
Knutson Gene DL
Konrad Rob FB
Kosar Bernie QB
Kramer Erik QB
Kreig Dave QB
Kuechenberg Bob OG
Landeta Sean P
Lang Kenard LB
Lathon Lamar LB
Lattimore Marcus RB
Laurinaitis James LB
Layne George FB
Leach Mike C
Leaf Ryan QB
Leber Ben LB
Lee Amp RB
LeGrand Eric DL
Lelie Ashley WR
Lepsis Matt OT
Levens Dorsey RB
Lewis Chad TE
Lewis Darryll CB
Lewis Mo LB
Lewis Ray LB
Lichtensteiger Kory OG
Light Matt OT
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Little David LB
Little Leonard DL
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Loadholt Phil OT
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Long Terry OG
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Lowdermilk Johnny S
Lucas Albert DL
Lutzenkirchen Philip TE
Lynch Shawn X. C
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Majkowski Don QB
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Mangold Nick C
Mangum Kris TE
Mankins Logan OG
Mannelly Patrick C
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Marino Dan QB
Marinovich Todd QB
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Marten James OT
Martin Charles DL
Martin Curtis RB
Martin Jonathan OT
Martin Ruvell WR
Maryland Russell DL
Mason Derrick WR
Masterson Mark LB
Mathis Evan OG
Mathis Rashean CB
Mathis Robert LB
Matthews Steve QB
Mawae Kevin C
Mayberry Jermane OG
Maybin Aaron LB
Mayes Derrick WR
Mayo Jerod LB
McAfee Patrick P
McAlister Chris CB
McAllister Deuce RB
McCaffrey Ed WR
McCarthy Colin LB
McChesney Matt OG
McClure Todd C
McCown Luke QB
McDaniel Randall OG
McDonald Brian WR
McDuffie O.J. WR
McElroy Greg QB
McFadden Darren RB
McGrew Larry LB
McKinnon Ronald LB
McMahon Jim QB
McNair Steve QB
McNown Cade QB
McPhail Jerris RB
Means Natrone RB
Meester Brad C
Meggett David RB
Mendenhall Rashard RB
Menzie De'Quan CB
Merriman Shawne DL
Merriweather Michael LB
Mewhort Jack OG
Miller Anthony M. WR
Miller Chris QB
Miller Heath TE
Miller Jamir LB
Miller Jim QB
Miller Les DL
Miller Roy DL
Mills Ernie WR
Mincey Jeremy DL
Minter Mike FS
Mirer Rick QB
Mitchell Basil RB
Mitchell Brian RB
Mitchell Kevin LB
Mokofisi Filipo DT
Molk David C
Monk Art WR
Monroe Eugene OT
Montana Joe QB
Moon Warren QB
Moore Brandon OG
Moore Dave TE
Moore Herman WR
Moore Lance WR
Morey Sean WR
Morgan Aaron LB
Morris Jon C
Morrison Kirk LB
Morton Johnnie WR
Mruczkowski Gene OG
Muhammad Muhsin WR
Mullins Aleric DL
Murdock O.J. WR
Murray DeMarco RB
Murrell Adrian RB
Murtha Lydon OT
Myers Chris C
Namath Joe QB
Nance Jim RB
Nash Damien RB
Neal Stephen OG
Newberry Jeremy C
Newsome Craig CB
Newton Nate OL
Ninkovich Rob DL
Nobis Tommy LB
Nutter Madison C
O'Donnell Neil QB
O'Hara Shaun C
Ogbonnaya Chris RB
Ogden Jonathan OT
Ogunleye Adewale DL
Olson Benji OG
Orlovsky Dan QB
Orr Zach LB
Orton Kyle QB
Ostroski Jerry OG
Oxendine Ken RB
Pace Orlando OT
Paea Stephen DL
Parker Willie RB
Parrish James OL
Pass Patrick FB
Pathon Jerome WR
Patrick Mike P
Patten David WR
Patton Marvcus LB
Pearson Drew WR
Peete Rodney QB
Pegram Erric RB
Pellegrini Bob LB
Pennington Chad QB
Perriman Brett WR
Perry Joshua LB
Perry William DL
Phillips Kenny SS
Phillips Lawrence RB
Pickens Carl WR
Pierce Antonio LB
Pinkston Todd WR
Pitts Chester OG
Plummer Ahmed CB
Plummer Jake QB
Polamalu Troy SS
Pollack David LB
Pollak Mike OG
Polumbus Tyler OT
Poole Nathan WR
Poole Ray Smith WR
Porcher Robert DL
Portis Clinton RB
Posluszny Paul LB
Powell Ty LB
Powers Jerraud CB
Purdum Tanner C
Rader Jason TE
Ramesh Austin FB
Ramirez Manuel C
Ramsey Kaleb DL
Randle John DL
Randle El Antwaan WR
Reamon Tommy RB
Redding Cory DL
Redman Isaac RB
Reed Andre WR
Reed Jacob WR
Revis Darrelle CB
Rhett Errict RB
Rhymes George WR
Rice Sidney WR
Rich Andrew SS
Rich Herb CB
Riemersma Jay TE
Ritchie Jon FB
Rivera Marco OG
Rivers Keith LB
Roach Trevor LB
Roaf Willie OT
Robertson Kory DL
Robinson Adrian DL
Robinson Marcus WR
Robinson Trevor C
Rolle Antrel FS
Rolle Samari CB
Romo Tony QB
Roos Michael OT
Rosenfels Sage QB
Rucker Keith DL
Rucker Mike DL
Runyan Jon OT
Saleaumua Dan DL
Samuels Chris OT
Sanders Barry RB
Sanders Charlie TE
Sandlin Kenny OG
Sapp Warren DL
Sasser Bud WR
Saturday Jeff C
Scheffler Tony TE
Schilling Stephen OG
Schmitt Pete FB
Schneck Mike LB
Schnellbacher Otto CB
Schobel Aaron DL
Schroeder Bill WR
Schroeder Jay QB
Schwartz Geoff OG
Sciullo Steve OG
Scobee Josh PK
Scott Bart LB
Scott Trevor DL
Seau Junior LB
Sensabaugh Gerald SS
Settles Tawambi FS
Seymour Ryan OG
Sharpe Luis OT
Sharper Darren FS
Shea Aaron TE
Shepherd Leslie WR
Shields Will OG
Shipley Jordan WR
Short Jason LB
Shuler Heath QB
Simmons Anthony LB
Simon Corey DL
Simoneau Mark LB
Simpson O.J. RB
Sims Billy RB
Sintim Clint LB
Siragusa Tony DL
Skaggs Justin WR
Slaughter Webster WR
Smiley Justin OG
Smith Anthony FS
Smith Bruce DL
Smith Corey DL
Smith Jimmy L. WR
Smith Justin DL
Smith Kevin X. CB
Smith Marvel OT
Smith Robert RB
Smith Steve WR
Smith Steve E. WR
Smith Wade OG
Snelling Jason RB
Soliai Paul DL
Sparks Phillippi CB
Spears Marcus DL
Spellman Alonzo
Spencer Evan WR
Spielman Chris LB
Spikes Irving RB
Spikes Takeo LB
Staat Jeremy DL
Stabler Kenny QB
Stacy Zac RB
Starks Duane CB
Stecker Aaron RB
Steinbach Eric OG
Stenstrom Steve QB
Stephenson Donald OT
Stevens Craig TE
Stewart Kordell QB
Stokley Brandon WR
Stone Michael SS
Strahan Michael DL
Streets Tai WR
Strief Zach OT
Strong Mack FB
Stroud Marcus DL
Suisham Shaun PK
Sulfsted Alex OT
Sutter Ryan SS
Swann Eric DL
Swope Ryan WR
Szott Dave OG
Tahi Naufahu FB
Talley Darryl LB
Tarpley A.J. LB
Taylor Fred RB
Taylor Ike CB
Taylor Jamaar WR
Taylor Lawrence LB
Taylor Sean SS
Tebow Tim QB
Terrell David WR
Terrell Pat CB
Testaverde Vinny QB
Thigpen Yancey WR
Thomas Anthony RB
Thomas Blair RB
Thomas Derrick LB
Thomas Joe OT
Thomas Terrell CB
Thomas Zach LB
Thomason Jeff TE
Thornton David LB
Thornton Hugh OG
Thornton John DL
Thurmond Walter CB
Tillman Charles CB
Tillman Pat SS
Tippett Andre LB
Tobeck Robbie C
Tollefson Dave DL
Tolliver Billy Joe QB
Tomczak Mike QB
Toomer Amani WR
Trufant Marcus CB
Tuck Justin DL
Tucker Ryan OT
Tuggle Jessie LB
Tulloch Stephen LB
Tyree David WR
Ugoh Tony OT
Umenyiora Osi DL
Upshaw Regan DL
Urbik Kraig OG
Urlacher Brian LB
Urschel John OG
Varga Tyler RB
Vick Michael QB
Vincent Andy OT
Vincent Troy FS
Vollmer Sebastian OT
Waddle Tom WR
Wahle Mike OG
Walsh Chris WR
Ward Derrick RB
Ward Hines WR
Ware Andre QB
Ware DeMarcus DL
Warner Kurt QB
Warren Chris RB
Warren Ty DL
Waters Andre FS
Waters Brian OG
Watt Chris OG
Watters Ricky RB
Wayne Reggie WR
Webb Richmond OT
Webster Mike C
Wehrli Roger CB
Weiner Todd OT
Weldon Casey QB
Wells Reggie OG
Westbrook Brian RB
Westbrook Byron CB
Westmoreland Eric LB
Wetnight Ryan TE
Wheeler Mark DL
Whelihan Craig QB
White Jason QB
White Lorenzo RB
White Reggie DL
White Roddy WR
Whitfield Bob OT
Whitley Curtis C
Wiley Marcellus DL
Wilfork Vince DL
Wilkins Jeff PK
Williams Aaron FS
Williams Bernard OT
Williams Brian R. C
Williams Chandler WR
Williams Darrent CB
Williams Demorrio LB
Williams Gerald DL
Williams Harvey RB
Williams Kevin DL
Williams Kevin X. WR
Williams Madieu SS
Williams Ricky RB
Williams Roy WR
Willis Patrick LB
Willis Ray OT
Wilson Adrian SS
Wilson Al LB
Wilson C.J. X. CB
Wilson Travis WR
Wimbley Kamerion DL
Winters Frank C
Winterswyk Ryan TE
Witherspoon Brian CB
Witten Jason TE
Wong Kailee LB
Wood Eric C
Wooden Shawn SS
Woodhead Danny RB
Woodson Charles FS
Woody Damien OT
Wootton Corey DL
Worilds Jason LB
Wright Eric CB
Wright Jason RB
Wright Rayfield OT
Wycheck Frank TE
Yarbrough Jim OT
Yates Billy OG
Zbikowski Tom FS
Zereoue Amos RB
Zimmerman Gary OT
Zolak Scott QB

Accorsi Ernie TO
Anderson Jim AC
Anderson Ken AC
Arians Bruce HC
Atkins Dave AC
Barry Mike AC
Blache Greg AC
Brasher Tommy AC
Breaux Don OC
Brooks Clarence AC
Chandler Wes AC
Clemons Don AC
Colletto Jim AC
Corrick Dick TO
Cromwell Nolan AC
Curl Dick AC
Dungy Tony HC
Gailey Chan OC
Gibbs Alex AC
Gibbs Joe HC
Gilbertson Keith AC
Gilbride Kevin OC
Green Dennis HC
Haskell Gil TO
Holmgren Mike TO
Houck Hudson AC
Johnson Jim DC
Jones Rusty AC
Lacina Corbin AC
Loney Steve AC
Madden John HC
Mann Richard AC
McNally Jim AC
Mills Sam AC
Mudd Howard AC
Muir Bill OC
Murphy Mike DC
Nix Buddy GM
Novak Frank AC
Nunnely Wayne AC
Pease John AC
Pendry Joe OC
Pollard Fritz HC
Pope Mike AC
Redding Dave AC
Reese Floyd TO
Richardson Jerry TO
Robinson Jimmy AC
Shula Don HC
Smith A.J. TO
Smith Tommy TO
Stock Mike AC
Taseff Carl AC
Tobin Vince AC
Vermeil Dick HC
Wallis Darvin AC
Watterson Steve AC
Waufle Mike AC