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Independent League | Dioner Navarro making comeback

Sun, 01 Jul 2018 07:02:09 -0700

Free-agent C Dioner Navarro (Blue Jays) is expected to sign with the Long Island Ducks of the Independent League later this month. He last played in the major leagues in 2016 and had taken time off to help care for his wife as she battled significant health issues.

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Independent League | Juan Rincon signs with Somerset

Sat, 21 Jun 2014 15:15:14 -0700

Free-agent RP Juan Rincon (Angels) signed with the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League.

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Independent League | Two sign with York

Sat, 29 Mar 2014 15:06:35 -0700

The York Revolution of the Atlantic League signed free-agent P Mark Hendrickson (Orioles) and INF Eric Patterson (White Sox) to undisclosed deals.

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Independent League | Carlos Zambrano signs with Long Island

Wed, 08 May 2013 08:41:24 -0700

The Long Island Ducks signed free-agent SP Carlos Zambrano (Marlins) to an undisclosed contract.

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Independent League | Roger Clemens will not pitch in Mexican League

Sun, 16 Dec 2012 11:34:46 -0800

Randy Hendricks, the agent for former MLB SP Roger Clemens, dismissed the idea that his client would pitch in the Mexican League. He added that Clemens only pitched for the independent Sugarland Skeeters last season because it was 20 minutes from home and he wanted to play with his son, Koby.

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Independent League | Jose Canseco signs to play in Can-Am League

Fri, 20 Apr 2012 06:46:44 -0700

The Worcester Tornadoes, of the Can-Am League, signed former MLB OF Jose Canseco to an undisclosed deal.

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Independent League | J.R. House signs with Long Island

Thu, 10 Feb 2011 07:58:35 -0800

Free-agent C J.R. House (Mets) signed an undisclosed deal with the Long Island Ducks, of the Atlantic League, reports.

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Independent League | Elijah Dukes arrested

Tue, 02 Nov 2010 19:10:23 -0700

Former OF Elijah Dukes has been arrested on charges related to failing to pay child support, according to The Associated Press.

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Independent League | Mark Prior converting to reliever

Wed, 18 Aug 2010 04:44:51 -0700

Orange County Flyers P Mark Prior is converting to a relief pitcher in hopes of making it back to the majors, AOL Fanhouse's Tom Krasovic reports. He has thrown five innings over three outings and has struck out 10 batters without allowing an earned run. He hopes to pitch for a major league team next year as a reliever and attempt to win a spot in the starting rotation in 2012. "It's taken me awhile to get my arm healthy. I think it's healthy. I think I'm starting to show that to people," Prior said. "Now I need to refine and retool everything after three or four years away from competitive games."

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Independent League | Mark Prior pitching for Orange County

Tue, 03 Aug 2010 12:49:52 -0700

Former SP Mark Prior is pitching for the Orange County Flyers of the Independent League, according to The Orange County Register's Mark Whicker.

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Independent League | Elijah Dukes signs

Thu, 01 Jul 2010 16:44:30 -0700

Free-agent OF Elijah Dukes (Nationals) signed with the Atlantic League's Newark Bears Thursday, July 1, according to The Associated Press.

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Independent League | Michael Hollimon signs with Grand Prairie

Fri, 25 Jun 2010 03:16:13 -0700

Free-agent IF Michael Hollimon (Tigers) signed with the Grand Prairie Airhogs of the American Association, reports.

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Independent League | Wily Mo Pena signs with Bridgeport

Mon, 31 May 2010 05:09:41 -0700

OF Wily Mo Pena signed with the Bridgeport Bluefish of the Atlantic League, according to the team's official Web site.

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Independent League | James Paxton to debut

Fri, 14 May 2010 04:24:58 -0700

SP James Paxton, a 2009 sandwich pick of the Toronto Blue Jays that failed to sign, will make his professional debut for Grand Prairie in the independent American Association Friday, May 14, according to Baseball America's John Manuel. Paxton has reportedly been throwing 88-90 mph and has quite a bit of rust to shake off.

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Independent League | Kevin Millar signs with St. Paul

Wed, 05 May 2010 04:00:44 -0700

Former MLB 1B Kevin Millar has signed with the St. Paul Saints, of the Independent League, according to the team's official Web site.

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Kiker Kasey P
Kim Eddie 1B
Klein Adam OF
Knazek Scott C
Kulbacki Kellen OF
LaForest Pete C
Landeros Leonard RP
Landing Jeff P
Lansford Josh P
Large T.J. P
Latham Chris OF
Lavigne Tyler P
Lawhorn Trevor INF
Leclerc Brian OF
Leek Randy P
Lewis Lavon P
Lex Joshua C
Lofgren Chuck RP
Logan Nook OF
Lugo Ruddy P
Lunar Fernando C
MacFarland Stephen P
Madej Ronald P
Madritsch Bobby SP
Maestrales Pete INF
Mahomes Pat P
Maldonado Ivan P
Manon Julio RP
Manuel Robert RP
Martinez Anastacio RP
Maschino John P
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Mattox D.J. P
McConnell Eryk P
McOwen James OF
Melek Nathan P
Mendez Donaldo SS
Mendoza Thomas P
Mendoza Tommy P
Miceli Dan RP
Millar Kevin 1B
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Mohr Dustan OF
Mojica Jimmy INF
Montero Oscar P
Morban Jose SS
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Mueller Scott P
Munhall Brian C
Muro Joseph P
Nageotte Clint P
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Nichols Kyle 1B
Nieves Jose 2B
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Norris Derek C
Nunez Abraham O. 3B
O'Donnell James P
Ocampo Kyle P
Offerman Jose INF
Olivera Hector 3B
Owings Micah P
Pacheco Jonel OF
Padgett Matt OF
Papelbon Josh P
Parham John C
Patterson Eric INF
Paz Richard SS
Pearson Jason P
Pellow Kit 1B
Pena Omar INF
Perisho Matt RP
Phillips Mark P
Pointer Adam P
Pollok Dwayne P
Ponson Sidney SP
Pontius Michael P
Poulson Brandon RP
Pressley Josh INF
Pulsipher Bill RP
Qualben David P
Radwan Jason C
Raines Jr. Tim OF
Ramirez Julio C. OF
Ramos Dominic SS
Redman Prentice OF
Redman Tike OF
Reed Keith OF
Reilly Matthew P
Reimold Nolan OF
Reinhard Greg P
Reininger J.D. 3B
Reinking Kevin C
Reyes Guillermo INF
Ridener Eric P
Ring Royce RP
Rios Armando OF
Rios Kevin SS
Rivera Jodam SS
Rivera Luis OF
Rleal Sendy RP
Roach Jason P
Robinson Scott 1B
Robles Lawrence P
Rocker John RP
Rodriguez John OF
Rose Mike C
Sabo Tim P
Sadler Ray OF
Salamida Chris P
Sanchez Alex OF
Sanchez Duaner RP
Sanders Marcus SS
Santana Mayobanex 3B
Santoro Michael OF
Sarver Scott P
Schutt Jason P
Scurry Rod P
Self Todd OF
Semerano Rob P
Serro Ted P
Sevier Nate P
Shackelford Brian P
Shaver Ryan P
Simon Alfredo SP
Simon Jared RP
Simon Randall 1B
Smith Bud SP
Smith Matt A. P
Smith Mike SP
Smith Ryan C
Smith Sean SP
Smyth Steve P
Snider Travis OF
Snyder Justin INF
Spiezio Scott 3B
Stanley Henri OF
Stark Denny RP
Stechschulte Gene RP
Sterner Zachary P
Stewart Caleb OF
Stott Zac P
Strong Jamal OF
Tabata Jose OF
Thompson Kevin OF
Thorman Scott 1B
Tierney Chris P
Tiffany Chuck P
Tressler Aaron P
Trezza Alex C
Trout Jared P
Tucker Rusty P
Tucker Jr. Cardoza P
Tullis Braden P
Vaclavik Justin P
Valdes Juan OF
Valentine Joe P
Varner Matthew P
Villafuerte Brandon RP
Vitters Josh OF
Voyles Brad SP
Walker Edwin P
Walters Nick P
Walton Jamar OF
Washington David 1B
Wayne Justin SP
Webb John P
White Billy RP
Wilhelmsen Tom RP
Wilkins Robert P
Williams Marland OF
Williams Todd RP
Wipke Flint C
Woodyard Mark P
Yan Esteban RP
Young Walter 1B

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