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Fantasy Football Reports

  • Fantasy Football: Chris Johnson lands with the Jets (04/16)
    Many owners may be quick to write off the newest Jets running back, Chris Johnson. Is Cory among them?
  • 2014 NFL Draft: WR outlook (04/14)
    In the third part of his NFL Draft Outlook series, Cory tackles the wide receiver position.
  • 2014 NFL Draft: RB outlook (04/13)
    Cory continues to break down the 2014 NFL Draft by addressing the running back position.
  • 2014 NFL Draft: QB outlook (04/12)
    Cory outlines the notable quarterback prospects for the 2014 NFL Draft and talks about their long-term projections.
  • Fantasy Football Tips: Bengals, Vikings offenses on the rise (04/11)
    Coordinator and scheme changes in Cincinnati and Minnesota bode well for their top players.
  • 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Tim Heaney (04/11)
    This time, Tim's mock feels rumblings near the end of the first round, including key WR and QB swaps.
  • 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Keith Hernandez (04/11)
    Check out Keith's latest attempt at mocking the first round of this year's NFL Draft.
  • 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 (04/02)
    Free agency has largely cooled off after several major moves reworked the NFL landscape. Cory gives his thoughts on each first-round selection in his latest release.
  • 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Nicholas Minnix (03/28)
    Minnix doesn't get worked up about the NFL Draft like the rest of you clowns do, but he must have an opinion about some of these guys, right?
  • Michael Vick regaining fantasy football value with new home? (03/21)
    Michael Vick has his shot to regain a starting gig in the NFL. Can he win the job in NY?
  • Fantasy Baseball Reports

  • Fantasy Baseball Trends: 3 Up, 3 Down - Edinson Volquez, more (04/16)
    The right-hander is among those rising from the grave. Others may already be dead.
  • Fantasy Baseball Round Table: Does winning require taking risks? (04/16)
    Todd Zola usually plays his drafts and leagues by the book. He's considering whether that's the right idea.
  • Fantasy Baseball Tips: Alexei Ramirez's clearer head, approach for real? (04/15)
    Improvements on and off the field have the White Sox shortstop raking. Should you bank on this run throughout the year?
  • Fantasy baseball closer depth charts: Who would replace injured Craig Kimbrel? (04/15)
    Take precaution with the Braves' stud. Also, the BoSox back-ender may have escaped danger, but the Cubs sent their closer goat to the slaughter. Who'll rise in Chi-Town?
  • Fantasy Baseball's Tumbling Dice: Stick It There (04/15)
    Lawr Michaels of Mastersball reminds us to be patient, complete with concrete reasoning and examples of players over whom you shouldn't panic.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Pickups: Will Melky Cabrera keep delivering? (04/14)
    How confident should owners be in Cabrera? Plus, a popular pair of Twins, more....
  • Fantasy Baseball Weekly Digest: Nathan Eovaldi on the rise, Adrian Beltre hurt, more (04/11)
    The Marlins' arm is blossoming. The Texas slugger is hurting. Plan for his potential absence, as well as your pitching matchups, inside.
  • Fantasy Baseball Free Agents: Top 8 players that need to be on your team (04/10)
    No surprise that a young arm with triple-digit heat makes the list. What more surprising entries must you add?
  • Fantasy Baseball Captain's Log: Week 2 = Patience and Diligence (04/10)
    Hop aboard Captain Perry Van Hook's ship of calm. The fantasy baseball seas aren't as rough as you think. While you navigate, try some of these rentals to stay afloat.
  • Josh Hamilton's fantasy baseball value teetering after injury (04/09)
    Yup, Josh Hamilton is already on the DL. What are the chances this is the nail in his 2014 coffin?
  • Fantasy NASCAR Reports

  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Bojangles' Southern 500 (04/11)
    Denny Hamlin is the headliner for fantasy owners that must navigate The Lady in Black.
  • Polking's Picks: Bojangles' Southern 500 (04/10)
    Find out which drivers Brian Polking has chosen to ride to the fantasy finish line at Darlington.
  • Fantasy NASCAR Sleepers and Busts: Bojangles' Southern 500 (04/09)
    Don't overlook the Darlington success of Brian Vickers, others. More importantly, is Joey Logano primed to continue his hot start?
  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Duck Commander 500 (04/05)
    The Sprint Cup circuit heads to Texas for the Duck Commander 500. Familiar names headline the rankings, and you can find ample sleeper value down the list.
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